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Cutting Class Nov 15-16 and Nov 29-30!!! Book your spot now!

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Want to know how we give out the best cuts in the city? Want to learn tips and tricks for a killer fade? Maybe how to give a proper, straight razor shave? Well, mark your calendars for Nov 15-16 and Nov 29-30, because JD’s is taking you back to school!

We’ll let you in on our big secret. For fifteen years now, JD’s Barbershop has been coaching rookies and pros on the fine art of barbering. Judah Down—the man behind the initials—has had a careful hand in training all of our barbers. There’s nothing quite like nailing a fade with the boss hovering over your shoulder, and there’s nothing quite like having a veteran point out how to actually improve. It might be a little scary, but without somebody that cares watching over you, it’s easy to give out mediocre cuts. A customer might leave feeling less than satisfied, then you’re onto the next mediocre cut, and the cycle just continues. No bueno for anybody.


Barber Workshop Classes


Now we’re offering that experience to people outside the JD family. You could watch a How 2 Buzzcut video on YouTube and save yourself some pennies, but you will miss out on a teacher that knows every trick in the book. A teacher that can correct your form, the way you twist your wrist, how to deal with different thicknesses of hair, or recommend when the clippers should be opened or closed. Whether you haven’t used a pair of scissors since Arts 'n Crafts in the 2nd grade, or you’ve been cutting hair for yourself and friends for years—there’s always room to improve. We’re happy to show you how.

 Check out our various workshops to find the right class for you and get your name on the list while there’s still space.

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